Email Newsletters: Is it Worth the Effort?

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Remember when once there was a time where we all logged on with giddy excitement in hopes to hear those three little words, “You’ve Got Mail”. While it seems our inbox is a little less than exciting these days, it’s not completely buried in dread and dust. In fact, e-mail newsletters for businesses are work better than ever.

When it comes to ROI by the numbers, in 2019 alone, e-mail has been shown to generate $38 for every $1 spent. In other words, this is a staggering 3,800% return on investment, making your e-mail updates one of the most attractive marketing options available when it comes to effectively reaching your audience.

No matter how small your industrial business is, you have the power to reach existing and potential customers by email 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, connecting with them by sending out your newsletter is a huge marketing tool you shouldn’t be missing out on.

5 key components to consider when building a great newsletter

  • Carefully craft your content with your ideal customer in mind. As with virtually all areas of marketing, knowing your target audience is key. Taking the time to deliver high-quality, targeted content that resonates well with your subscribers will ensure far better results. If you consistently deliver on this, your subscribers are more than likely to open your newsletters and are less inclined to click “opt-out.”
  • Whether you’re sharing the latest in Oil & Gas industry news, or you’re promoting the newest installment to your company blog, make sure you deliver value consistently. Promotional emails are great tools when needed, but if all you ever offer your subscribers are discounts and deals, you’re missing out on sharing the true value of your company.
  • Ensure that your newsletter is responsive and interactive. Without a functioning newsletter with clickable call-to-actions, a majority of your hard work that’s gone into building and delivering high-quality content may just go to waste when your reader deletes the email five seconds after opening it because there were no action items for them to follow through on.
  • The most important step in building a newsletter subscriber base is capturing e-mails. When a customer makes a purchase from your site, request that they opt-in to your newsletter. For visitors simply browsing around, consider incentivizing them to sign-up with their e-mail address. One way to do this is by offering up a lead magnet. Typically this is a freebie downloadable item or discounted service in exchange for an opt-in or sign-up to your list.

E-mail newsletters can be one of the most powerful digital marketing tools in connecting you with your consumers. Use this to your advantage by proactively growing your subscriber list, nailing the design aspect, and delivering high-quality and engaging content to continuously drive business and build your company’s reputation through your newsletter.

Never underestimate the power of a solid newsletter to drive business forward and let your trusted marketing partners at RIG94 get you to the top successfully.

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