Target & Expand Revenue

A Leading B2B Marketing Team


The RIG94 team is comprised of advertising ninjas, data nerds, website gurus, and revenue-sniffing bloodhounds. We banded together in 2016 to build a marketing service firm for businesses selling to other businesses in the oil & gas and heavy industrial industries.


RIG94 centers around helping businesses gain exposure to highly-targeted buyers, influencing those we targeted with quality creative assets, and converting prospects into customers.

Targeted Company Exposure

We help your sales team by exposing your brand and sales material to existing & potential customers through highly targeted ads online, social media, email blasts, or even offline ads.  We can help you reach the right person at the right time who could and should be your customer.

Websites That Win

Your website should be more than a brochure. It should be the best resource for your sales team and the strongest salesman your company can hire. RIG94 builds lead-generating websites that sell the value of your company value 24/7.

Maintain Your Websites

Maintain Your Websites   A website is a strong driver for a business's online presence. Just because you have your website up and running does not mean that you can sit back and expect your website to do all the work. Much like any business aspect, a website needs...

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Creative That Sells

When you reach the right person who could and should be your customer, what is it you show them that gets their attention? When it’s time to influence a prospect to click, call, or consider your offering, make sure your sales material (creative assets) not only look good but they actually perform. At RIG94, we can make sure you have the photography, videography, and graphic designs to influence a potential customer online or offline.

Business-to-Business Branding: 5 Keys to a Great Brand

Your brand should tell a story to your future and current customers. What exactly do we mean by that? We’re glad you asked because in this RIG94 Lab we’re diving headfirst into the 5 basic but hugely impactful steps you should be taking to discover and define your brand.

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Your business should be leveraging social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and a highly organized customer relationship management system (CRM). These daily tasks can consume a business, which is why most B2B companies don’t even make time. If you want to land more leads and cultivate more revenue out of your sales team, it’s time you make the investment.


We are proud to have served so many great companies across all spectrums of marketing and revenue development, including full website rebuilds, video and photo shoots, digital ad buying, creative design, branding, catalog design, and a whole lot more. If it helps your business grow, we’ve done it.

Why Work With RIG94 Vs. Hire

What’s the real cost & value breakdown of working with RIG94?

Every Client that RIG94 works with has asked in one way or another about the value in working with RIG94 vs. hiring a staff member. Besides our tremendous commitment to your success, we offer skills and access to resources that far exceed any one particular hire. We are also far less expensive than if you were to hire similar skills internally.