B2B Ad Targeting: 8 Hot Tips

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Have you ever wondered how targeted advertising could benefit your business? In today’s RIG94 Lab, we dive into 8 proven targeting tactics you can use to grow your customer base in an industrial company. At RIG94, we would love to help your business tap into the power of targeted advertising by choosing us as your trusted marketing partner!

Advertising in today’s digital marketing world is the greatest opportunity for businesses to be able to target specific audiences (and we mean really specific…more on that later) using the most advanced tools and technology that plain and simple just aren’t an option through old school traditional mediums. In today’s lab, we’re digging into the nitty-gritty of ad targeting in the oil and gas industry to reach not only new customers but existing ones too. We’re breaking down the specifics of connecting your digital ad efforts to help put your brand in front of the right person at the right time who could and should be your customer.

What if you could target the corner office of a building where a board member sits every day?


What if you could not only hit this person with image ads but also video ads and customer reviews?


What if you could do all that across major social media platforms as well as ad units on popular sports or news websites?

…Sounds ideal, right?

Thanks to the hyper-specific targeting options available today, the click-through-rate (or CTR) and return-on-investment (also known as, ROI) on paid ads are being optimized to their highest potential.

8 Ad Targeting Tactics To Grow Your Business

1. Utilize Geo-Targeting: 

Geo-targeting is focusing in on a specific area within the desired location for reach. When creating your ad audience, narrow your locations down to county, city, region, or even postal codes with your targeted ad audience.

2. Target Trade show Attendees:

Use ads to target attendees visiting trade shows. Don’t stop with those who are physically at the show but position your ads to pop up on their newsfeeds at their hotel after show hours. Target attendees days later after the show ends too. Conduct in-depth research into their key demographics, personalities, characteristics, and lifestyles to hone in on the potential of these future customers.

3. Advertise at home:

Targeting your ads to pop up at your customer’s office or even their home office. Use in-depth analytics to know where your customers are searching from so you can bring your ads to them, right in the comfort of their own home as they scroll.

4. Retargeting & Journey Campaigns:

Retargeting ads start with a visit to your website. A “cookie” is placed on their computer/laptop/smart device, now allowing you to target that person with an ad from your company on other sites they’re visiting. By doing this, you’re able to specifically target people based on their visit to your website and expand that audience by targeting specific demographics data tied to their personal interests.

5. Target through your web page:

Target consumers who not only have visited your website but also go deeper by aiming towards those that viewed specific web pages. Example: Say a visitor clicked on your “Services” page. Find out what service they’re most interested in learning more about to set your ads to send them in that direction.

6. Data-Driven Ad Campaigns:

Build ad campaigns to take a person down a journey based on reaction data. By understanding who your audience is and what they are most interested in, data-driven marketing campaigns use customer data to provide them with a better experience while improving your chances of a sale.

7. Target by Job Title:

Set your ad parameters to specifically target those who are employed in your industry. That way, you’re maximizing your efforts towards those you want to reach with your industry-specific content and skipping over those you don’t.

8. Capitalize on Exclusion Targeting:

Exclusion targeting gives you the ability to exclude people based on their location, demographics, interests, or even customized lists. This way, you’re able to target those who are only in certain positions in the oil industry and avoid those without the buying power to say yes or no to your services.

Tap into the power of targeted advertising by choosing RIG94 to be your trusted marketing partner today!

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