Your Company Needs a Blog: Here’s Why

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Plain and simple: your business needs to have a blog. If you’re wondering how some articles could possibly help your industrial business, this post is just for you. In today’s RIG94 business lab, we dive deep into a handful of specific ways having a blog can directly benefit your business.

Blogging has come a long way since its early days as a form of an online diary and evolved to prove itself as one of the fastest and best ways to promote businesses while simultaneously driving traffic to websites. The best part? It’s way easier than you might think.

Hear us out. These days, it’s near to impossible to do any kind of internet research for a product or service and not end up with a long list of blog posts covering said search topic. While your potential customers might not be normal blog readers, they’re sure to pay your blog a visit to read up on a topic that’s delivering answers to the questions they’re searching for.  Case in point you are reading our blog and we hope that you will be interested in hiring our agency to do work for you. 

By publishing blogs to your website regularly, you’re not only helping maintain your digital presence but you’re proving to be an expert in your field. To boot, according to expert, D. John Carlson, 70% of consumers would rather learn about a business from a blog than an advertisement. With that, you could very well find yourself on the pathway to gaining a hugely powerful traffic source for gaining new customers.  

In today’s RIG94 lab, we’re going to explain 4 ways in which a blog can help your business grow and how easy it is to get started blogging today. 

Businesses thriving off their blog content create value with their ideal customer in mind. 

Don’t just write to write. Make it a top priority to develop and create content that targets your ideal customer. Think about creating content that serves their needs. People aren’t going to read your blog posts if the content isn’t related to the type of service or product they’re looking for. Don’t just look at your blog as a platform for you to talk about current trends and hot topics, either. Think of it as a way to educate your customers in the oil and gas industry and use it as a way to engage and connect with them. If you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful for your ideal customer, it’s going to establish you as an authority in their eyes which can potentially turn into an opportunity for a sale. 

Tell your audience why they should want to do business with you through your blog content. 

No two companies are completely identical no matter the field, so it’s vital to emphasize what makes your company different. Blogging helps to show your business’s personality through publishing interesting content crafted and created by you, showing your commitment to educating your audience and consumer. In fact, 68.5% of consumers say that blogs add credibility to a website. This goes a long way in gaining trust and creating long-term relationships in business. Share information on topics that will be sure to set your business apart from competitors with customer testimonials and case studies where you’ve hit a business home run. 

Optimize your business blog with SEO rich content. 

No one is going to find your blog if it’s not optimized for search engines. Identify your keywords and ensure they’re prominently placed in your blog titles, headers, tags, and images within the post. Each time you hit the publish button on a new post, it becomes another opportunity for you to show up in search engines like Google which in turn drives traffic to your website through organic searches. 

Use your blog posts as social media content. 

Blogging can also be used as a tool to get you discovered on social media. With each new post, you’re creating content that’s sharable via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. This can help expose your services to new groups of readers that may have never heard of your company before. Don’t forget you can always use your blog as “evergreen” content to keep readers coming back to older posts they may have previously missed out on. 

It’s important to note that blogging has a place in today’s digital age when it comes to online communication and it’s far from over. 

Here at RIG94, we utilize a variety of resources within our team of experts to help produce new and quality content for our clients in the Oil & Gas industry. We work to fully optimize our client’s blogs with their ideal target audience in mind proving to Google and other search engines, that our client’s websites and services are a force to be reckoned with. 

Our only question is, what are you waiting for? Contact our marketing team at RIG94 today to learn how we can help you get started in mastering the art of blogging for your business.

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